CANCELED: Ralph L. Keeney: Developing the Essential Skills to Make Quality Decisions

Seminars - Occasional seminars
RALPH L KEENEY, Duke University
12:30 - 13:45
Room 3-E4-Sr03 (Roentgen)


Quality decision-making is based on your decision-making skills. We all can improve our decision-making skills. As with any skill, improvement requires learning and understanding how to perform the elements of the skill well and then practicing the techniques to do them well.

This presentation describes concepts and procedures to address five essential elements necessary for making quality decisions:

· defining the decision that you want to face,

· identifying your objectives for that decision to describe what you hope to achieve,

· creating alternatives better than those that were obvious and easy to identify,

· being proactive in creating your own decisions, referred to as decision opportunities, to raise your quality of life above where it currently is, and

· gaining support of an authorized decision-maker, who must approve your desired alternative, by embellishing your preferred alternative to also be a better deal for that authorized decision-maker.

The importance of these concepts is illustrated using numerous real applications. The concepts and procedures are each practical to use and rely only on common sense and focused effort.


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