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Department of
Decision Sciences

The Department of Decision Sciences is a vibrant community of scholars carrying out cutting-edge research in the mathematical, statistical and computational sciences. The Faculty stands out for its theoretical and methodological achievements, which are also essential to devise effective tools for modeling and analyzing complex phenomena, both in the natural and the social sciences.

Here you can find everything regarding us, our research, and the events we organize.

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People are the core of our department

Antonella Balzaretti

Course Management and Teaching Planning

Fabio Ferrara

Research Funds, Events, Visiting Professors

Simona Gagino

Office Coordinator, Job Market Coordinator, Faculty Council and Executive Committee Support

Elisur Din Fè Magrini

Research Funds, Visiting Professors, Events, BAI and BEMACS Program Support, Course Management

Hassina Houari

Communication, Research Funds, Events, Visiting Professors, Course Management