Our Mission

The Department of Decision Sciences is a vibrant community of scholars carrying out cutting-edge research in the mathematical, statistical and computational sciences. The Faculty stands out for its theoretical and methodological achievements, which are also essential to devise effective tools for modeling and analyzing complex phenomena, both in the natural and the social sciences.

The members of the Department regularly publish in top international journals, are in the editorial boards of several of these journals, include Fellows of the major scientific societies in their fields, and are highly successful in securing competitive grants from the European Research Council and other funding agencies.

The Department of Decision Sciences is also committed to train students according to the highest educational standards. They offer a wide array of courses, ranging from introductory to doctoral level, and mentor many brilliant MSc and PhD students. The Department plays a key role both in the BSc program in Economics, Management and Computer Science and Mathematical and Computing Sciences for Artificial Intelligence and in the MSc programs in Data Science and Business Analytics and in Economic and Social Sciences. Another fundamental building block of the Department’s research and teaching activity is the Ph.D. program in Statistics and Computer Science, which attracts top students.