Raffaella Piccarreta

I am an Associate Professor of Statistics at Bocconi University, Milan. I hold a PhD in Statistics from the University of Trento.

I am a fellow of Dondena (Centre for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy), of BIDSA (Bocconi Institute for Data Science and Analytics) and of the CovidCrisis Lab (Laboratory for Coronavirus Crisis Research).

I am member of the SIS (Italian Statistics Society) and of SAA (Sequence Analysis Association), and one of the members of the Executive Committee of SAA.

Associate Professor
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Research interests

My work focuses on data analysis. Most of my research relates to the study of life course trajectories and events. I have a specific interest for Sequence Analysis, a technique aimed at identifying patterns in categorical longitudinal data, as well as for all the approaches to deal with this type of data.

Being very keen to cooperation, I coauthored a number of paper focused on different data. In particular, in the last year I worked on data on COVID-19.

Working papers
with Filippo Trentini, Valentina Marziano, Giorgio Guzzetta, , Marcello Tirani, Danilo Cereda, Piero Poletti, Antonio Barone MS, Giuseppe Preziosi MS, Fabio Arduini MS, Petra Giulia Della Valle, Alberto Zanella, Francesca Grosso, Gabriele del Castillo
The pressure on healthcare system and intensive care utilization during the COVID-19 outbreak in the Lombardy region: a retrospective observational study on 43,538 hospitalized patients
American Journal of Epidemiology
Selected Publications
Trentini, Filippo; Marziano, Valentina; Guzzetta, Giorgio; Tirani, Marcello; Cereda, Danilo; Poletti, Piero; Piccarreta, Raffaella; Barone, Antonio; Preziosi, Giuseppe; Arduini, Fabio; Della Valle, Petra Giulia; Zanella, Alberto; Grosso, Francesca; Del Castillo, Gabriele; Castrofino, Ambra; Grasselli, Giacomo; Melegaro, Alessia; Piatti, Alessandra; Andreassi, Aida; Gramegna, Maria; Ajelli, Marco; Merler, Stefano

Pressure on the health-care system and intensive care utilization during the COVID-19 outbreak in the Lombardy region of Italy: a retrospective observational study in 43.538 hospitalized patients


For many years I taught Statistics in undergraduate programs. I also taught courses on coding, computational statistics, time series analysis, and sample design. At the moment I teach one Master course on Data Analytics and Visualisation and one Phd course on Applied Data Analysis.