Pieralberto Guarniero

I am a Lecturer at the Department of Decision Sciences of Bocconi University. I obtained my PhD in Computational Statistics from the Department of Statistics of the University of Warwick. My work, energy and passion are focused on teaching, communication of science and on the effective and innovative use of technology in Higher Education.

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I’m working hard to deliver and enhance my modules and develop new ones. I have a side project/dream in the making: to become a content creator and help gain awareness of current world news through numbers and statistics.

Research interests

My current research interests lie in the areas of technology enhanced teaching and learning, Science communication and innovation in teaching and learning for Higher Education.

Working papers
P. Guarniero, A. M. Johansen and A. Lee.
The Iterated Auxiliary Particle Filter
Journal of the American Statistical Association 112(520):1636–1647, 2017.

I am a very passionate lecturer, I teach with my best enthusiasm and creativity. In Bocconi I’m currently delivering the following modules: Statistics (UG, coordinator for BIEM and BIEF courses), Data Analysis (PG, AFC), Mathematics and Statistics (UG, BEMACS).