Eugenio Melilli

Degree  in Mathematics (cum laude), Università degli studi di Milano, 1990.

Fellowship at I.A.M.I. (Istituto per le applicazioni della Matematica e dell’Informatica), C.N.R., Milano, 1991.

Assistant Professor (Ricercatore) in Statistics at I.M.Q., Università Luigi Bocconi, Milano, 1996-2005. Associate Professor of Statistics at Department of Decision Sciences, Università L. Bocconi, Milano, 2006-present. Teaching activity in Applied Statistics at Lobachevsky State University in Nizhny Novgorod (Ru), 2000-2003. 

I also teach Statistical Theory II for the students of the PhD in Statistics and Computer Science.

Associate Professor
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Research interests

Bayesian statistics: exchangeability and partial exchangeability, prior distributions for nonparametric models, functionals of the Dirichel process, inference on Fréchet and Lancaster classes

Population forecasting: stochastic population forecasting, forecasts based on conditional expert opinions

Confidence distributions: finite and large sample properties of confidence distributions, application to Rasch model, use of confidence distributions in hypothesis testing

Selected Publications

Undergraduate School:

Statistics (for the students of CLEACC)

Graduate School:

Data Analysis (for the students of AFC)

PhD School:

Statistical Theory II (for the students of the PhD in Statistics and Computer Science)