Sonia Petrone

Sonia Petrone

I am a Professor of Statistics at Bocconi University, Milan. I was previously employed at the University of Insubria (1998--2001) and at the University of Pavia. I have conducted research visits in several Universities in the USA, Latin America, Europe, India, Russia.

I had an active role in the development of the PhD in Statistics at Bocconi University, of which I have been Vice-Director and Curricula Responsible (2004-2011) and Director (2011-2018). I am the Director of the Bocconi Summer School in Advanced Statistics and Probability since 2017.

I am the Editor of Statistical Science (2020-2022), and have been a co-Editor of Bayesian Analysis (2010-2014).  I have been the President of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) in 2014 (President-Elect 2013, Past President 2015).


Full Professor

I have been an elected member of the ISBA Board of Directors (twice: 2002-2004 and 2008-2010) and member of the Council of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS; elected member (2011-2014) and ex-officio for 2020-2022).

My service includes being a reviewer for: European Research Council (ERC)  MIUR, NWO, NSF (USA), FONDECYT (Chile).

I am elected Fellow of ISBA, and an elected member of ISI. I am elected Fellow of the European Laboratory for Intelligent Systems (ELLIS), and a Fellow of the Bocconi Institute of Data Science (BIDSA).

I have been awarded an IMS Medallion Lecture in 2018 and an ISBA Foundational Lecture in 2016.

Research interests

My research is in Bayesian Statistics, covering foundations, with particular focus on the foundational role of prediction, in the legacy of Bruno de Finetti, exchangeability and predictive characterizations; as well as theory and applications, in particular in the broad area of Bayesian nonparametrics and including mixtures and latent variable models, state-space models, empirical Bayes, properties of Bayesian procedures, statistical machine learning.

Working papers
Sariev Hristo; Fortini Sandra; Petrone Sonia
Rigon, Tommaso;, Scarpa, Bruno; Petrone, Sonia
Selected Publications
Petrone, Sonia

Bayesian predictive learning beyond exchangeability

Petrone, Sonia; Nazarov, M. ; Roy, D.

Representation results for Markov exchangeable sequences of row-column exchangeable arrays

Petrone, Sonia; Mira, A.

Esercizi di Calcolo delle Probabilità

Esercizi di Calcolo delle Probabilità
Petrone, Sonia

Esercizi di inferenza statistica

Schonenfeld & Ziegler, Milano
Petrone, Sonia; Carota, C.; Corielli, F.

Esercizi di Calcolo delle Probabilità e Statistica Inferenziale

Edizioni Spiegel, Milano
Petrone Sonia

Esercizi di Statistica descrittiva

Iuculano Editore, Pavia
Petrone, Sonia

La crescita dell’ Ulva Rigida nella laguna di Venezia: analisi esplorativa e ipotesi per un modello previsivo.