Enrico Diecidue: Timing and skewness of information revelation: evidence on information structures and compound lotteries

Seminars - Occasional seminars
12:45 - 14:00
room 3-E4-SR03 (Rontgen)

Abstract: We design a comprehensive experimental setup to study (i) intrinsic preferences for gradual information revelation (ii) with different skewness (positive, negative, or symmetric) (iii) in two information environments. In a “compound lottery” environment, symmetric information revelation is pre-ferred, while in an otherwise equivalent “information structure” environment, positively skewed information revelation is preferred. In both environments, early resolution is preferred over late resolution, with the three types of gradual resolution positioned in between. Our study integrates the three dimensions (timing, skewness, environment) of intrinsic preferences only studied separately to date, relates the findings to behavioral theories, and shows that careful consideration of the information environment is necessary when investigating preferences for gradual information revelation.


For further details, please write to: elisur.magrini@unibocconi.it