Celebrating Excellence: Bocconi Research Awards 2024

Assegnati i Premi di Eccellenza nella Ricerca Bocconi per il 2024

This year, 46 Bocconi professors, including those from the Department of Decision Sciences (DEC), have been recognized for their exceptional achievements. In 2023, their articles were accepted or published in scientific journals recognized as the highest standard in their respective fields. Those who have authored scientific monographs for leading international publishers are also honored for their contributions.

In her congratulatory message to all recipients, Vice-Rector for Research Elena Carletti emphasized the significant impact of their research on enhancing Bocconi's reputation as a center of excellence in research, further solidifying its position in both national and international rankings.

DEC professors awarded: Botond Szabo, Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Daniele Durante, Antonio Lijoi,  Giacomo Zanella