Emanuele Borgonovo Wins 2023 Clemen-Kleinmuntz Decision Analysis Best Paper Award

Emanuele Borgonovo secured the prestigious 2023 Clemen-Kleinmuntz Decision Analysis Best Paper Award. His groundbreaking research paper, "Information Density in Decision Analysis," co-authored with Gordon Hazen (Northwestern University) and Xuefei Lu (SKEMA Business School), is a game-changer in understanding decision-making under uncertainty.

In simple terms, the paper highlights the importance of gathering additional data to make better choices when faced with uncertainty. It introduces a novel concept called information density, which sheds light on where the value of information concentrates and helps prioritize information sources. By visualizing how uncertain variables become informative, the paper makes the value of information more transparent and actionable.

This prestigious award, presented annually by INFORMS, recognizes the most outstanding paper published in Decision Analysis in the preceding year. The winning paper must demonstrate a strong foundation in decision analysis, contribute significantly to theory and/or practice, and have a broad influence within the decision analysis community.