Mathematics, the Core of Artificial Intelligence

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The Bocconi University workshop on AI and machine learning, a joint initiative by the Department of Decision Sciences and UMI, took place from January 17-19 and was a remarkable success, exceeding expectations with double the anticipated participants. As the department's first mathematics-focused event, it marked a pivotal moment.

Renowned keynote speakers, including Fosca Giannotti, Marc Mézard, Tomaso Poggio, and Alfio Quarteroni, contributed to the academic richness. Hosted at Bocconi, a premier research center in machine learning and applied mathematics, the workshop solidified the institution's standing.

The event emphasized mathematics' integral role in AI, addressing challenges with models, methods, and applications. Dedicated to fostering young researchers, it echoed the UMI group's broader goals on "Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning."
Beyond academia, the workshop explored AI's implications in everyday life, highlighting mathematics' pivotal role. The success story extends to societal impact, navigating the evolving AI landscape.